December 01, 2021

Accessed through Inalls laneway the land was first owned by the Inalls family.  Recently widowed with 5 children, Mrs Inall must have been a formidable lady to buy what was a big block of land in those days of 320 acres and transform it into a profitable dairy farm. The Inalls made the old homestead their home for over 30 years, through a world war which saw all four sons go off to war and all four come back again, tenant farmers during the war years came in to keep things going and the family having to split up to make ends meet.

Kanimbia has now seen many generations of farmers come and go since then and has been through many lives, the most recent of which is a large renovation and remodelling of the old homestead in 2015 by myself before Glamping was born here.

Over the ages Kanimbia has seen much love and the beautiful fig trees have silently watched over the last century caretaking the land on which it stands.

My vision of a luxury glamping retreat came from a rather long spell of camping in the fields and being immersed in the sounds of wildlife, the changing seasons and the beauty of the land. The early morning mists rising from the fields of grass and the wallabies grazing its lush pastures. It was then that I realised that as landowners we only ever care for the land and our biggest achievement is to be able to share in its’ splendour with others.

I dreamt of a place where others can enjoy both luxury and nature wrapped together in a tantalising package that speaks for itself.

I may be biased but I do believe that…..

…….Kanimbia is beautiful, majestic and a magical moment in time which we have the privilege to take care of whilst it is with us and I would like all who come here to treasure its quiet and peacefulness.

It is for us all to enjoy…..

Built in memory of the inimitable Geoff who only had 2 years to enjoy Kanimbia, Much loved husband & father, larrikin,  great friend, adventurer & Jack of all  things 1953 – 2013. We were all blessed in knowing you.

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