About Us

At Kanimbia we aim to bring luxury accommodation to the fabulous beauty of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland backdrop

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Kanimbia Luxury Glamping

"Kanimbia" meaning Hidden Valley  

Accessed through Inalls laneway the land was first owned by the Inalls family: a widow with 5 children who made the old homestead their home for over 30 years, through 2 world wars, the great depression, tenant farmers and the family having to split up to make ends meet. Kanimbia has seen many generations of farmers come and go and has been through many lives the most recent of which is a renovation and addition in 2015 by the present owner Ceri Little. Over the ages Kanimbia has seen much love and the beautiful fig trees have silently watched over the last century caretaking the land on which it stands.

Kanimbia is beautiful, majestic and a magical moment in time which we have the privilege to take care of whilst it is with us and would like all who come to treasure its quiet and peacefulness. It is for us all to enjoy.....

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Kanimbia Glamping

Our exciting new luxury South African Safari tents have everything you desire for luxurious glamping. With 2 sides fully openable your indoor/outdoor glamping experience is one of the best you will find in Australia. Beautifully breathable in our hot climate with ceiling fans for summer and woodburners for cosy winter nights. Situated on decks with a BBQ and parkland views for your sunset drinks whilst inside are the creature comforts of kitchens, claw foot baths and beautiful linen.

This experience is a must do for all hopeless romantics.

Our newest traditional Sioux Indian tipi towers at 9metres high in a woodland a distance away from the Safari tents on its' own. Majestic and equally romantic with queens sized bed and soft furnishings inside with an amenities hut nearby for toiletry and a BBQ hut with cooking facilities.